Gold for Outland TBC, Alliance & Horde - x5 Realm
(Progressive 2.4.3 The Burning Crusade Private Server/Realm by Warmane WoW)

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27th March 2023: This page is no longer updated.
Please visit our Gold4Outland website or Warmane Outland on V7 for best pricing

Below you will find our packages available for the Outland TBC x5 server by Warmane WoW. They will be constantly updated as the server progresses with population and content release. The gold packages are available for both Alliance & Horde factions.

Update 8th July 2017:
The price for Outland went down 45 days after the realm was launched. Our network now offers the cheapest price - 100g is now just $4.99!

100 Gold
$4.99 USD (about €4.36 EUR)

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150 Gold
$7.48 USD (about €6.54 EUR)

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200 Gold
$9.98 USD (about €8.73 EUR)

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300 Gold
$14.9 USD (about €13.0 EUR)

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500 Gold
$24.9 USD (about €21.7 EUR)

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1000 Gold
$49.9 USD (about €43.6 EUR)

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1500 Gold
$74.8 USD (about €65.4 EUR)

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2000 Gold
$99.8 USD (about €87.3 EUR)

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2500 Gold
$124 USD (about €108 EUR)

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3000 Gold
$149 USD (about €130 EUR)

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Warmane TBC: Outland x5 Server Info

Warmane TBC Server - Outland Progressive x5 2.4.3 Realm Warmane's Outland TBC - the very first Burning Crusade server on Warmane. It seemed like the developers were ignoring the playerbase requests for a TBC server, but in fact, they were developing it behind the scene for over a year as it was revealed on 1st of April, and confirmed on the next day. The Warmane community consists of thousands of players who were eagerly waiting for such realm on their favorite WoW playground. We sincerely hope that Outland will be as successful as Icecrown and Lordaeron are at the moment.

The final decision after the PTR is: x5 leveling rates, while everything else stays blizzlike x1 (gold & item drops). The content will be released progressively. All players start from level 1. The faster leveling rates are due to the preference of Warmane's majority and based from their Wrath of the Lich King experiences.

Older Outland TBC News

Update 25th April 2017:
Warmane TBC: Outland was launched. Even though you can purchase Outland gold from this very page, Gold4Outland is an unique website dedicated only for the new TBC realm.

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