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27th March 2023: This page is no longer updated.
Please visit our Gold4Icecrown website or Warmane Icecrown on V7 for best pricing

The packages below reflect the current pricing for the Warmane's Icecrown WotLK 3.3.5a x7 PvP (Player Versus Player) realm of the Warmane WoW servers. Gold is be available for both the Alliance & Horde.

5000 Gold
$5.55 USD (about €4.85 EUR)

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7500 Gold
$8.25 USD (about €7.21 EUR)

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10000 Gold
$11.0 USD (about €9.62 EUR)

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15000 Gold
$16.5 USD (about €14.4 EUR)

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20000 Gold
$22.0 USD (about €19.2 EUR)

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25000 Gold
$27.5 USD (about €24.0 EUR)

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30000 Gold
$33.0 USD (about €28.8 EUR)

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40000 Gold
$44.0 USD (about €38.4 EUR)

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50000 Gold
$55.0 USD (about €48.1 EUR)

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75000 Gold
$71.2 USD (about €62.2 EUR)

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Icecrown WotLK Realm Info

Warmane's Icecrown WotLK 3.3.35a Progressive x7 Realm - Warmane WoW Private Server - Deathwing and Ragnaros Icecrown is the major Warmane Wrath of the Lich King "WotLK" 3.3.5a realm with x7 experience/leveling rates and x3 gold/item drop rates. It was born by merging Ragnaros and Deathwing, the former most popular WotLK realms on Warmane, back in April 2016. It has very high population, and during peak times players need to wait the 2000 high queue in order to join the game. Players start from level 1 and progress to 80 much faster than the x1 realm called Lordaeron.

We offer the following Warmane Icecrown gold packages: 5000, 7500, 10000, 15000, 20000, 25000, 30000, 40000, 50000 and 75000 - the largest one has discount included in it. The current pricing is very balanced considering the contemporary realm economy.

Older Icecrown WotLK News

Update 26th April 2017:
Gold4Icecrown was launched. Even though you can purchase Icecrown gold from this very page, is an unique website dedicated explicitly for the WotLK realm.

Additional Icecrown WotLK & Services

More services for the realm: Sell Icecrown Gold | Icecrown Accounts & Powerleveling | Return Home

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