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The Lordaeron gold price was last updated today, 23rd June 2021 (EU Time). Gold is available for both Alliance & Horde.

1500 Gold
$5.99 USD

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2500 Gold
$9.99 USD

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3000 Gold
$11.97 USD

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4000 Gold
$15.96 USD

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5000 Gold
$19.95 USD

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7500 Gold
$29.92 USD

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10000 Gold
$39.90 USD

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15000 Gold
$59.85 USD

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20000 Gold
$79.80 USD

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30000 Gold
$119.70 USD

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Update 24th February 2021:
The Burning Crusade is being re-released as expansion to Blizzard's WoW Classic. If you are looking for WoW TBC services, please check our partner website Gold4Vanilla for: WoW TBC Gold, WoW TBC Powerleveling, WoW TBC Boost, WoW TBC Accounts for sale. Also check Vanilla Games and for TBC services - buy TBC Classic WoW Gold!

Update 23th July 2020:
Atlantiss is releasing a new TBC WoW Server called Karazhan, highly anticipated. You can buy Atlantiss Gold - from our partner site Gold4Vanilla.

Update 10th April 2019: We are still selling gold at affordable rates! If you prefer to play Classic WoW, check for Light's Hope Northdale or if you wish to play on a TBC private Server, Atlantiss: Netherwing is a perfect choice!

Update 9th June 2018: We have decided to keep the lowered pricing for the entire 2018 summer. Enjoy :-)
In addition, we enabled the sale of Lordaeron Gold on our parent website: Vanilla.Games

Update 12th March 2018: Drastic drop in price (more than double) due to the Dungeon Finder release. We moved the pages for the other realms (Icecrown, Outland, Angrathar) to internal ones as each realm has a main website dedicated for each.

Update 9th October 2017: Autumn 2017 Pricing Update for Lordaeron - 1000g is now just €1.95! Enjoy this Fall discounts!

Update 8th July 2017: Besides Medivh, we decided to add an option to purchase gold for Warmane's Icecrown WotLK server as well. The price is decreased as well! If you are a first time buyer, please check how things work here.

Update 1st June 2017: Warmane's Medivh was launched recently while Outland TBC progresses forward. We are now able to provide cheaper Outland TBC gold for both factions. Gold for Medivh x1 TBC will be available soon on Gold4Lordaeron.

The dream of a Burning Crusade "TBC" realm on Warmane is becoming real. On 2nd April, Warmane confirmed the release of Outland - TBC realm on one of the most popular legacy WoW servers. It is to be launched on 20th May after the PTR went well.
Our website was extended to support Outland TBC due to the large number of visitors we have for Warmane's Lordaeron. Or you can visit our main Outland TBC website here.

New, balanced pricing is in place since 9th February 2017.

Special Summer Discount is in place. The prices for all packages are dropped by 50%! 1000g is now $4.99 down from $9.99

Update 10th May 2016 - Drastically improved the pricing of our gold services - 1000g now costs $9.99 down from $25!

Update 15th January 2016 - New pricings, adjusted to the release of Wrath of the Lich King - We now have the best prices on the realm. $2.5 per 100g or $2.25 per 100g if you buy 10K - the more you buy, the better discount.

Warmane's Lordaeron - No doubt, the most advanced Wrath of the Lich King ("WotLK") 3.3.5 World of Warcraft private realm.
Warmane (former Molten WoW) really surpassed themselves this time, it is an excellent realm with Blizzlike 1x rates with population more than a single retail server!

If you are a first time buyer, please check the how it works page - we make everything easy! If you are looking to buy an account, please visit the Lordaeron Accounts & Powerleveling page - you can offer your very own account there.

FAQ - for purchasing Gold, Accounts or Powerleveling for Kronos WoW

1. How long until i get my gold?

- We are a professional team, providing gold for many servers, including Warsong, Archangel, Emerald Dream, Nostalrius, Kronos, Excalibur & Dalaran, to name a few. We know you need the gold as fast as possible, so we strive to deliver it as soon as the order is made. However, please note that we may be away for offline responsibilities or sleep time - but never worry, the gold is always delivered as soon as we come online and take notice of your order! You will be contacted on e-mail or in-game.

2. Is the pricing relevant?

- We've given a lot of thought about this. We saw some of our competitors spamming (not smart!) the trade channels for $12 per 100g. Since we are better and larger team, we are available to provide the gold at unusual lower rates. Just please keep on mind that this realm is x1 Blizzlike, unlike the other Warmane WoTLK Realms like Ragnaros, which have pretty much inflated economy. It surely does take some time to even gather 100g, let alone 1000, 2000 or 3000 gold coins.

3. How safe is the process?

- No private realm or retail allows selling & buying gold. We take all the necessary steps to ensure that everything goes fast, smooth & secure. Unlike everyone else, our team takes additional steps to further hide our tracks from the Lordaeron's game masters. There is a way for that, but we can not disclose it publicly for everyone.

4. Do you have a refund policy?

- As with the other realms we operate on, you are covered by our refund policy which is: If you don't get your gold within 24 hours of your purchase, simply request your refund on the following email address: We deserve the right to cancel suspicious orders.

Gold4Lordaeron Post Sale Testimonials

Horde Account & Gold

Bryan Martens bmart603***** (12th March 2018)

Sent a payment for an account - i received the details of the account in 10 minutes, then i baught gold and i got the gold almost instantly

Addicted to gold buying

Gerard Smyth holyshi***** (23rd January 2018)

I ended up "addicted" to this website and found myself buying gold for me and my guildies every 2nd day or so. Love the bonuses!

3 accounts and big gold bonus

Katherine Clark Katya***** (22th September 2017)

3 accounts were delivered as promised, with big gold bonus

Got my gold without hassle

Michael Lawson holls***** (5th July 2017)

This is the only website that stills sells the gold since Lordaeron was started. Bought gold from them on dozen ocassions, always delivered on time without any hassle as they promise.

All Warmane servers inside-out

Andreas Hollsten holls***** (9th May 2017)

The guys from V7 know Lordaeron and all other Warmane servers inside-out. I have been supplied on both Lordaeron and Icecrown, wherever i need on any faction during these years

Level 80 Orc Shaman Lordaeron

Marek Greiff hostalad***** (16th April 2017)

I bought level 80 Orc Shaman for Lordaeron with some custom configuration and I'm very pleased with it

3rd purchase in handful of days

Martin Rhoda martrho***** (2nd January 2017)

This is my third purchase within a handful of days - surprised to see that Gold4Lordaeron works even for the New Year Celebrations :D

Always here to help

Erik Bartholomew bartho2828***** (23th November 2016)

From Warsong, through Nostalrius and Kronos, the team behind Gold4Lordaeron has always been here to help me with my gold needs

3rd purchase in a row

Joshua Harman andershow***** (1st November 2016)

This is my third purchase in a row. A team to rely on, for sure. Will keep coming back.

3rd purchase in a row

Joshua Harman andershow***** (7th October 2016)

This is my third purchase in a row. A team to rely on, for sure. Will keep coming back.

All smooth and convenient

Howell Anders andershow***** (18th September 2016)

Very smooth and convenient, got the gold super fast.

10K very fast

Christina Calibuso calib88***** (27th August 2016)

Received the 10K i bought very fast

2x 5000

Christoper Hansen hansen8*** (6th July 2016)

Got 15000 gold to make my summer gameplay smoother

2x 5000

Nick Fitz 86fitzzy**** (5th May 2016)

2x 5k purchases, received them within minutes.

Again and again

Jean Bisconti jeaniss*** (26th April 2016)

I will continue to buy again and again. Thanks for keeping me up all the time!

500g - 10 minutes

Matthew Aymeric mathiowo****** (21th November '15)

Got the 500g i ordered in less than 10 minutes

1-70 in 10 days

Lance Borgström lanceratti**** (16th November '15)

My first Lordaeron toon powerleveled too 70, two level 60 Nostalrius Accounts, thousands of golds on Nostalrius, this team always backs me up!

Brilliant - very satisfied!

Benjamin Bosey benjix***** (15th November '15)

Made a 300 gold order so i can have a fast start on this server. Got it fast - many thanks.

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